Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicks in the House

The excitement, the preparation, the unknowing of how will I know how to take care of these little creatures was not that unlike bringing home a new baby, okay maybe not a baby, I guess more realistically a puppy =).    Oh my goodness, these tiny narcoleptic fuzzy butts are adorable.  When they say these chicks grow over night they are not kidding.  At first, I thought there was just no way to tell these four chicks apart, but within a matter of a day or two, they each started talking on their own distinct looks and personalities.

Being that these four Silkies are not sexed, at day 1 we were already guessing who the rooster(s) would be, I hope there aren’t any, but the odds would mean there is probably at least one or two.  We think two!

Lilla already with attitude
Lilla has been the biggest since the first day, she was the only one we could tell apart.  She is always eyeballing everyone, poor little Fluffy just avoids eye contact and scurries away when Lilla tries to show her who is boss.   Look out when it comes to those meal worms, she’s a vulture.  She makes the most noise when out of the brooder.  We have our suspicion that Miss Lilla might actually be a roo.


I swear Sarah started getting her foot feathers before any of her other feathers, it’s hysterical, you see this little tiny chick with these crazy feathered feet.  Sarah is the second largest and so pretty.  Not the friendliest and squawks quite a bit when out of the brooder.  We suspect that Miss Sarah might be a roo.


Super sweet and certainly more petite than Lilla and Sarah.   Snowflake and Fluffy are nearly the same size, but Snowflake has an odd little brown patch next to hear beak.  She doesn’t mind being held at all, but talks quite a bit.

Surfer Girl Fluffy


The most petite of the flock and absolutely beautiful, super sweet disposition as well.  She’s my daughters favorite so she gets the most cuddle and picture time.

The chickens have been handled so much, I really hopes it pays off later.  They are such scaredy cats, the first time I put chopped up strawberries in a little bowl for them it took them ½ hour to figure out it was a delightful treat.  They all ran around like crazy, like oh my gosh, something new is in here, now what do we do.  I wish I would of seen who took the first bite, because after that it was a total ruckus of each chick trying to get the most strawberries.  The most hysterical thing is that they’ll chase each other for what’s in the other chicks beak when there is an entire dish of strawberries at their feet – not the smartest. 

They really are a sweet cohesive group, they all snuggle-up to sleep in the sand, not because they are cold, I think they just take comfort in being snuggled up together.  I’m happy to say that there really hasn’t been any major drama. They really do make me laugh, who would of thought!

They are 1 month old today.  We have a mixed batch of three chicks that are one week old, an Easter Egger, Buff Orpington and a Barred Rock that will be joining them in the big girl brooder shortly.  I’m anxious about that, the Silkies seem to get on so well, I can only imagine the drama of adding the new girls.

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